September 18-25


Sunday: turkey sausage, HEB charro beans and salad with lite olive garden dressing

Monday: grilled greek sandwiches and broccoli

Tuesday: spicy shrimp and asparagus with quinoa

Wednesday: chicken caprese zoodles

Thursday: turkey chili and salad with lite olive garden dressing

Friday: buffalo chicken salad wraps and HEB boraccho beans

Saturday: leftovers

This week is take 2 trying to get my daughter to an early morning doctor appointment. It’s going to require Jesus and a lot of luck. Really hoping we make it this time.

Work is going well. I’ve hit my stride and we’re off and running.

Headed to Oktoberfest in a couple of weekends. 5K training is going awesome. I’m hoping to be able to run 8-9 minutes at a time by the race, but any running is more than I would have been capable of a year ago.

My current workout schedule is alternating 5K training intervals on one day then 30 mins of cardio and 30 minutes of weights on the next day. This has kept my knee able to run on alternating days without giving out on me. My heavily targeted weight training areas are my back, arms and core right now.

My daughter wanted to type: ,,,1,m12,m,


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