This is not just a physical challenge!

Let’s talk about the dark side of weight loss. Body dysmorphia. For the past week, I’ve been really down on what I see in the mirror. I know that the scale reveals significant progress, and I know that most people see the difference, but when I look in the mirror there are times when I just don’t see much of a difference from now to then. This is a real issue that effects a lot of people who lose weight. I’m trying to get myself through it by reading up on ways to love yourself even when you don’t like what you see – especially if it’s all in your head. I’m laying this out here because maybe you’ve gone through this and you can offer me advice, maybe you’re going through the same thing – you are not alone, or maybe you are just shaking your head thinking that I’m an idiot. Whatevs.

Dinners For The Week:

Sunday: Spicy Thai Zoodles

Monday: Hatch Chile Salmon Burgers from HEB and Mediterranean Salad

Tuesday: SkinnyTaste Flank and Chimichurri and Fresh Green Beans

Wednesday: Chicken Caprese Zoodles

Thursday: Turkey Frittata

Friday: Buffalo Burgers and Asparagus

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