Cardi-Oh Look Weights!

So leg day. Yeah. I really go hard on leg day. I can say with confidence that I have strong legs. Squats, leg raises, calf raises, side lunges, kettle bell swings, etc… ain’t no thing for me. Know what I’m not as good at? Knowing that I should have done the cardio first before the leg day stuff. My legs were TOAST by the time I was done in the weight room and moved to do cardio. What a rookie mistake.

The weekend is ahead, and in the interest of full disclosure I loosen up the nutrition on the weekends. That doesn’t mean I go off the rails or anything, but I don’t worry about my Macros and we have one cheat meal on Saturday and one cheat meal on Sunday. Outside of those meals I try to eat 700/cal per day, but again, I don’t look at the Macros. I’m pretty carb restrictive during the week so you know I eat fruit and carbs on the weekends! It keeps me motivated during the week to keep the carb intake low because I know that carbs go straight to my belly.

I’m subbing Sunday School on Sunday so I went ahead and made the meal plans for the next week, which is back to school for my kiddo and back to In Services for me. Those are so challenging because they have catered lunches and SO MANY SWEETS. I’ve got a good plan in place to avoid the temptation though. Lots of prepping will be going on!

Meals Aug 21

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