I remember being able to get up without making sound effects… Good times.

I “knee”d to tell you something. I’ve got a jacked up knee. It’s so jacked that up my trainer has to blast loud music with I do lunges, squats, or weight bearing moves to drown out the incredibly loud and violent grinding of my right knee. I’ve seen two doctors about my knee and they both agree that I have Chondromalacia Patellae or “Runner’s Knee.” Either my kneecap or deteriorated cartilage is rubbing against my thigh bone. Aside from the terrible noise it makes, my chief complaints about this issue are the instability on that leg and pain from overuse. I had been wearing a knee brace during activity, but it was getting sweaty, hot and restrictive. Thankfully one of my friends turned me onto the option of using Kinesiology tape instead of a brace. I’ve used two different brands and they are both so much better than using a brace!

Both are good, but here’s my feedback:


I’ve also found that nightly icing has helped reduce pain and instability.

Today’s Workout: 400 calorie burn AMT, Lower Body Fix (BeachBody at home)

Today’s Meals: Shake, Turkey & Sauerkraut with low fat cheese stick and Quest Protein Chips, Spicy Shrimp & Asparagus from Tasty (Buzzfeed) and 1/2 cup quinoa

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