Poppin Bottles. Gettin Wheysted.

Let’s talk about shakes. Specifically meal replacement shakes. I suck at breakfast (I hate eggs) so I set out to find something I could stomach to drink instead of forcing something down in the mornings that I didn’t actually enjoy. I read several reviews on meal replacement shakes that were 1. Tasty 2. Providing a full feeling to keep me satisfied for more than an hour and 3. Affordable. One brand kept popping up. IdealShake. I had very low expectations because I cannot stand the taste of protein shakes, but I decided to give the IdealShake a whirl. You guys… I AM OBSESSED. As soon as I tried it, I quickly ordered 3 more tubs. I mix one scoop with 8oz of regular, unsweetened almond milk every morning. Some days I add some PB2 or a scoop of instant espresso to change it up, but I like it plain too. For the first time in my life I am excited about breakfast and I crave my IdealShake. I even have the rest of the house drinking it!

This afternoon I had to break down and buy some clothes for back to school. I teach PreK so my days of living in workout clothes are about to come to an end. Clothes shopping is a whole new experience for me now. Until a couple of months ago I couldn’t remember ever shopping outside of the plus size section or Lane Bryant. It is such a treat to be able to go into ANY store and find something that fits me. Now I get to send things back for SMALLER sizes. WHAT?! One of the advantages of shedding the pounds is that I don’t dread shopping and it actually brings me happiness. Today I scored 1 pair of skinny jeans (a first!), 1 pair of red chino crops, 1 pair of jean crops, 1 pair of black crops, 1 grey hoodie, and 2 tops for right around $200. I was a size 22 bottom and 2X plus size top this time last year. Today I am somewhere between a 12-14 bottom and a L top. Boo ya!

clothes 8

Today’s workout was 4 chest and back machines, 3×10 on each and a 300cal burn on the AMT. I’ll be back tomorrow with the upcoming week’s meal plan!

One thought on “Poppin Bottles. Gettin Wheysted.

  1. Wow–what a difference a year makes! I remember that feeling of getting back into misses sizes after doing WW before I got pregnant w A. So exhilarating to shop, but I wanted to buy allthethings since the sizes made me so happy lol.


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