Leg Day? No, it’s the quad-pocalypse.

I make a workout schedule at the beginning of each week and for some INSANE reason I scheduled leg day on the same day I do Spin class. Why?! Why would I do this to myself. Tomorrow is going to suuuuuck. I can guarantee that I will embarrass myself at least 38 times tomorrow as I whimper (yelp, cry, whatever) in pain.

So today:


30min spin class followed by: 20 Bosu ball deep Goblin squats – each leg, 20 Bosu ball deep side lunges with dumbbells, 20 thrusters, 20 oblique standing crunches – each side, 20 leg lifts with weights – each leg, 30 crunches with weights


IdealShake Cookies and Cream with Unsweetened Almond Milk

Leftover Frittata with 3 Turkey Sausage Links

Beef Jerky and String Cheese

5oz Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce by SkinnyTaste and an ear of corn

Dannon Light and Fit Toasted Coconut with 1/3 Luna Peppermint Stick bar topper

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